18 - IT Trust questions

How does your IT-Trust landscape look like now?

  • Are we facing with unmanaged risks?
  • Are all our web server certificates up to date and valid?
  • Are all our communication certificates up to date and valid?
  • Are all our code signing certificates up to date and valid?
  • Which one will retire when?
  • Do we have enough time for exchange?
  • Which certificates are weak and need to be renewed?
  • Are all SIEM and APT systems synchronised with our valid trust  landscape?
  • I will like to exchange all Apache certificates which expires in the net 30 days tomorrow. How many systems are affected?
  • I would like to remove a specific country from my trusted list, how many programs and computers are affected?
  • Which risks does my Operating systems contain?
  • Which risks does my partner/supplier landscape contain?
  • Do we have unknown software on our computers?
  • How many certificates do we have in total?
  • How do we mange this, manually or automated?
  • Are we prepared for IOT and Industry 4.0? Which steps are missing?
  • Are we using the optimal infrastructure and devices?
  • How secure is our network and our company?

How long do you need to answer all this questions?


Answers by your IT-responsible or with Dashboards by www.certnkey.com